Meadow Lake Clinic

#2 120 Centre Street Meadow Lake, SK
Phone: 306-236-6700

Fax: 306-236-6711

ALTA-SASK WELLNESS is a dynamic group of multidisciplinary health-private practice clinics with locations in the cities of Lloydminster and Cola Lake Alberta and Meadow Lake Saskatchewan, Canada. With a large and growing professional staff of 35 or more excellent people, we provide our patients exceptional care, and as a result our services remain in constant and increasing demand.


• Physiotherapy
• Kinesiology
• Acupuncture
• Family Physicians
• Orthodics & Footwear
• Sports Medicine Physicians
• Dry Needling / IMS
• Orthopedic & Sport Bracing
• Athletic Care PACE Program
• Concussion Management
• Women’s Health
• Vestibular Balance / Dizziness
• Manipulation

  • This is a very professional place staffed by people who look after your specific requirements with each visit. They manage your recovery in measurable increments and respond to what you need on a visit-by-visit basis. It's never more than you can handle and always just enough to help your recovery... Read More